Pourquoi Choisir CBS ?

Choosing to study at UTC will provide you with the necessary skills and professional network to work in any company or start your own business both in Tunisia and abroad.

At the University of Tunis Carthage we ensure:

  • UTC provides practical learning with internships and workshops with the help of UTC’s career services. Students will also have many opportunities to expand their skill set. UTC career services office provides you with the skills and essential industry connectionsto pursue your goals.
  • Teach students negotiation techniques, manage different departments in a company…
  • Teach students how to conduct market studies, develop a sales policy, create and follow a business plan, learn the necessary laws for creating a business…
  • Develop research and consultancy activities
  • Benefit from a high level training, with highly qualified professors
  • Opportunity to participate in study abroad programs
  • Opportunity to participate in study abroad programs
  • Immersion in the professional world
  • Create a strong resume
  • Enjoy the largest trading room in Africa

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Our Mission

Carthage Business School (CBS) ‘s mission is to provide students with a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs, ensuring quality, hands-on training. This approach allows them to acquire the knowledge and skills required to excel in their professional career and achieve their personal and professional development.UTC fosters entrepreneurship among students, helps them realize the importance of ethical leadership, and prepares them for leadership positions in a global economy that requires communication, business teamwork skills and analytical reasoning.UTC’s motto is excellence, which it proclaims through its commitment to its students, teachers, and local and international communities. Excellence is translated through quality education and hard-hitting theoretical and practical research that impacts program development and the business community.Carthage Business School emphasizes the close interaction between students, teachers, and teaching excellence. UTC collaborates with mutual respect, animated by the feeling of belonging to the school. It recognizes that this excellence has its origins in a highly qualified faculty that is dedicated to effective teaching and actively contributes to innovative, creative, and relevant research that involves stakeholders inside and outside the University, as well as advance the theory, practice, and pedagogy of companies.UTC recognizes its commitment and responsibility to work constructively with students, alumni, professionals, and community members to meet the challenges of a changing world.


Our Vision

UTC is recognized as the 1st Business School in Tunisia for its training in Entrepreneurship and Finance, its hard-hitting and innovative research, and its partnerships with the business world.

UTC attracts and retains quality students of diverse nationalities who aspire to develop as leaders both nationally and internationally.

The University of Tunis Carthage molds students into successful entrepreneurs and professionals in the business world.

UTC is committed to respecting fundamental values

Intellectual Excellence

Teaching excellence

UTC provides quality education that ensures the intellectual and professional development of its students with an emphasis on communication, critical and analytical thinking, collaboration, teamwork, information management with educational programs widely open to the main business and managerial disciplines.

Learning by doing is a key asset of UTC’s CBS. It allows students to acquire skills and reinforces the academic excellence of the school.

At the research level

Quality education is provided by a highly qualified faculty fully committed to research. UTC ensures that teachers and students are engaged in innovative and creative intellectual reflection that promotes and influences the creation, application, and dissemination of knowledge through contributions to practice (applied research), Theory (theoretical research), or pedagogy.

Cultural Competencies

The University of Tunis Carthage maintains and develops a current and reactive study program, open to the main business disciplines with the aim of preparing students for the international business environment.

Learning environment

UTC offers its students an infrastructure with the appropriate technology in which students and teachers can prosper professionally and intellectually.


Ethical conduct and professional practice

Carthage Business School encourages and promotes the ethical behavior of students, teachers, administrators and professional staff.

In its ethics charter, UTC defines the appropriate systems, policies, and procedures that reflect its support for the importance of ethical behavior for students, teachers, administrators, and professional staff in their professional and personal actions.

These policies and procedures include appropriate detection systems and mechanisms to deal with violations of ethical behavior, such as disciplinary systems for dealing with inappropriate behavior.

UTC strives to promote a participatory, ethical, and confident learning environment.

CBS respects the professional standards and codes of ethical conduct defined by the professional bodies in the charter at the level of academic education, research, and daily interaction between all participants in the university. The goal is to ensure the dignity and well-being of students, staff, teachers, and the broader communities that underpin its practices.


UTC recognizes the responsibility of working constructively with students, alumni, professionals, and community members to meet the challenges of a changing market.

It also recognizes responsibility for the generation, dissemination, and application of knowledge. UTC is responsible for the evaluation and review of its academic programs.


Fairness in administrative procedures, participation and transparency in decision-making.


UTC’s CBS maintains a collective environment in which students, faculty, administrators, professional staff, and practitioners interact and collaborate to support learning, knowledge, and community engagement, through the principles of collegial governance.Interactions with others reflect civility, collegiality, and tolerance from diverse perspectives.

Societal Commitment

Diversity in all its individual dimensions at the level of cultural, religious, ideological or ethnic ideas … promotes, at the same time, the enrichment of the educational experience of each business education program and the collaboration of diverse intellectual contributions.

UTC educates its students about current and emerging corporate social responsibility issues.

Its undergraduate and graduate programs incorporate knowledge of the global economy, politics, and societal and cultural considerations.

Sustainable development, environmental sustainability, globalization, social and societal responsibility are all objectives that require interaction and collaboration between people and communities in all their diversity.

alumni university of tunis carthage etudiante tunisian

« On a eu une très bonne formation. Le diplôme de l'UTC était reconnue aux États-Unis. C'était une très belle expérience surtout que j'ai pu bénéficier des voyages offerts par l'UTC car j'étais le major de ma promotion. J'ai aussi connu beaucoup de gens très bien. Je conseille aux étudiants de l’UTC de ne pas prendre à la légère le fait d'étudier dans une université privée comme l’UTC. »

Adib Janhaoui

Promotion 2010 - Consultant  Marketing au Texas, USA

university tunis carthage etudiante tunisian

« La formation était de qualité et j'ai mis en pratique des matières étudiées à l'UTC. J’ai aussi eu la chance de rencontrer ma femme à l'UTC. »


Promotion 2015 - PDG Groupe Azzabi

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