Dr. Mzoughi’s research in the World’s Top 10 on the SSRN platform

UTC’s CBS – Carthage Business School’sprofessors took advantage of the confinement due to the Covid-19 crisis to produce quality research with their international colleagues.

Dr. Mzoughi, in collaboration with Dr. Khaled Guesmi, Director of the Centre for Research on Energy and Climate Change at PSB – Paris School of Business, Dr. Christian Urom of PSB, and Dr. Ghazi Salah Uddin of the University of Linking – Department of Management and Engineering Division, published an article called “”The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on oil prices, CO2 emissions and the stock market” on the international journal dedicated to research, SSRN.

What is the research about?

This article examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on oil prices, CO2 emissions, and stock market volatility during the period from January 22, 2020 to March 30, 2020. It shows that although the increasing number of COVID-19 infections has led to a decline in the price of crude oil, the negative reaction of the oil market is short-lived. However, the response of economic activities, as measured by CO2 emissions, to a shock to COVID-19 infections is negative throughout the forecast period. It is also believed that the current situation created by COVID-19 appears to have had a stronger impact on equity market volatility than on crude oil prices and CO2 emissions.

Finally, it was found that the share of variance in forecasting errors in the level of CO2 emissions is higher than that of the energy and equity markets. Overall, the result of the research highlights the need for economic intervention to accelerate recovery and strengthen investors’ perceptions of long-term growth.

The research concludes that there is an urgent need for economic intervention through unconventional monetary and fiscal policy measures such as interest rate cuts and purchases of long-term securities by the central bank to increase the money supply and encourage lending and investment.

Download the article to learn more about “The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Oil Prices, CO2 Emissions, and the Stock Market.”

Where is this article ranked?

UTC – University of Tunis Carthage is proud that its faculty research has been ranked among the 10 most downloaded documents in the world under the SSRN under the heading Energy Sector. This initiative sheds light on the quality of UTC’s professors and strengthens its international reputation.

Who collaborated on this paper?

Dr. Mzoughi has collaborated with international professors and researchers such as Dr. Christian Urom de PSB Paris School of Business, Dr. Gazi Salah Uddin Linkoping University in Sweden, and Dr. Khaled GUESMI, Director of the Centre for Energy and Climate Change Research (CRECC) – of PSB Paris School of Business.

Who is Dr. Mzoughi:

Dr. Hela Mzoughi is an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods at Carthage Business School, UTC – Tunis Carthage University. Dr. Mzoughi’s research focuses on the application of quantitative methods in financial management and modeling, and more specifically on the study of the performance of Hedge Funds strategies in times of crisis. Some of the courses she teaches at CBS – UTC: Data Analysis, Econometrics, Financial Market Econometrics, Statistics, and Finance Probability.