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Why Tunisia?

Home to ancient civilizations from 3000 years, a melting pot between East and West, Tunisia has always been at the crossroads of history.

From Phoenicians to Romans, Byzantines to Ottomans, Berbers to Arabs to Europeans, Tunisian continually draw from the strengths and challenges of their past to build an even more promising future. While perfectly combining modernity and tradition, Tunisia has always been a source of inspiration in the region: Tunisia is the First Arab country to:

  • Abolish slavery (1846)
  • Draft a constitution (1861)
  • Guarantee women's rights through the enactment of the Personal Status Code (1956) Université Tunis Carthage
  • Give Women the right to vote (1957)
  • Adopt a new modern constitution (January 2014) after being the starting point of the Arab Spring.

With more than 300 days of sunshine per year and some of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular beaches, it's no wonder that thousands of international students flock to Tunisia to live and learn and more than 5 millions of tourists per year spend their vacation in Tunisia.

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