Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Undergraduate Program in Communication by the University of Arizona at UTC Global Tunisia


Learn to use computation as a universal tool to communicate, express ideas and solve problems in various fields, from system administration and software development to information management and digital design.

Informatics is the study and practice of creating, storing, finding, manipulating and sharing information. While Informatics does concentrate on high-level computer science topics, it moves beyond the focus on computers alone to examine computing in context.

As a student working toward a Bachelor of Applied Science with an emphasis in Informatics, you’ll develop a strong base of theoretical and practical interdisciplinary experiences. You’ll also learn core Informatics concepts, first in a discipline-independent form, then in the context of specific focus areas, including system administration, software development, information management and digital design.

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Sample Courses

Wondering about the specific classes you can take in this program? See the course descriptions below

COMM 415: Nonverbal Communication

Theory and research on nonverbal communication codes (kinetics, touch, voice, appearance, use of space.) and social functions (impression formation and management, relational communication, emotional expressions, regulation of interaction, social influence).

COMM 417A: Relational Communication

The relational communication process and messages people use to define interpersonal relationships, including dominance-submissiveness, affection, involvement and similarity in close relationships.

COMM 451: Communication and Emotion

This course focuses on the role of emotion in the communication process examining various theoretic perspectives that explain what emotions are and what they do. This course will also articulate the roles of each class of emotions (joyful, hostile, social, etc.) in human communication, and adjudicate various applications of emotion research and theory in effective communication practices.


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