Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Undergraduate Program in Psychology by the University of Arizona at UTC Global Tunisia


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind – from the basic mechanisms of the brain to the environmental and social influences that shape our behavior – and how the mind continues to evolve throughout the life span.

Psychology is one of the most popular majors at the UA. Our students explore the complex world of the mind and brain – how the mind and brain evolve from infancy to old age, the environmental influences that shape our behavior, and the impact of brain disorders such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

As a Psychology major, you will gain new insights into yourself and your relationship with the world around you. We’ll help you build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed beyond your degree – whether your career choice is psychology, medicine, law, business or education.

At one of the nation’s top-ranked Psychology departments, you’ll have access to world-class faculty and an award-winning advisory support program to help guide you toward your future career.

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Sample Courses

Wondering about the specific classes you can take in this program? See the course descriptions below

PSY 300: Cognitive Neuroscience: A Guide to Mind and Brain

In this course, students learn the core principles of cognitive neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Specifically, students learn how the brain of different animals is specialized to fit with the demands of their lifestyle. Students will also have an opportunity to peek inside the laboratories of world-class scientists who do brain-related research at the University of Arizona and to learn about the cutting-edge findings coming from faculty within the Psychology department.

PSY 360: Social Psychology

Social Psychology offers a broad introduction to the major theories and research findings in the field. Specific topics covered in the class include: the self, social cognition, attitudes, interpersonal relations, group processes, prejudice, and aggression.

PSY 383: Health Psychology

Increasingly, scientists and researchers have been learning about the relationship between physical health and psychological processes. In this course, students learn about common stress-induced illnesses and ways to combat illness using research-backed psychological coping techniques.


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