Master of Laws - International Trade & Business Law

Master of Laws - International Trade & Business Law Program by the University of Arizona at UTC Global Tunisia


The International Trade & Business Law (ITBL) program provides candidates with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to understand the international law of trade, investment, currency and financial transactions, and intellectual property.

Since 2015, the ITBL program has operated under the direction of Professor Sergio Puig, an expert in the field of international economic law. In addition, Professor David A. Gantz, founder and director emeritus of the program remains substantially engaged with program operations and with degree candidates.

Under the program, students with a JD or equivalent degree from a different institution can earn a Master of Laws (LLM) and Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD). University of Arizona JD students can earn a certificate that demonstrates substantial knowledge about the makings, interpretation, enforcement, and future of international economic law.

The ITBL program works closely with the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy program directed by Professor Robert Williams. Through intense collaboration between the two specialized programs, Arizona Law helps students explore how international law can address today’s global problems through courses like: International Trade Law, International Investment Law, Human Rights and Business, International Business Transactions, International Arbitration, International Organizations, Public International Law, International Taxation, Commerce, Migration and Social Justice, The Law of Regional Trade Agreements, and Complex Litigation.

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Sample Courses

Wondering about the specific classes you can take in this program? See the course descriptions below

LAW-589A - Regulatory Science Case Study Project

How can a didactic regulatory science education be translated and applied to real world challenges? This course provides an opportunity for students to integrate and apply their knowledge of regulatory science to the challenges faced every day by industry and regulatory decision makers. Leaders in the field will present case-based scenarios, and students will work in teams to discuss and problem-solve historic, current, or emerging topics in regulatory science. Students will consult scientific priority areas and consider strategies for developing new tools and approaches to improve safety, efficacy, quality, and performance of FDA-regulated products.

LAW 596I - Comparative & International Water Policy

This course examines major issues in comparative and international water policy, including water markets, privatization, dams and river basin management, environmental flows, social equity, and water governance. The course is interdisciplinary and builds on law, geography, political economy, and institutional economics.

LAW-603H - Legal Analysis, Writing & Research

The course will introduce first year students to a variety of kinds of legal writing and help them develop analytic, research, and writing skills necessary to communicate about law to a variety of audiences. The course will (1) help students further hone analytic skills introduced in first semester courses; (2) reinforce those skills by placing them in the context of legal research; (3) emphasize the need to identify purpose, audience, and context of each document; and (4) address fundamental writing principles of organization on a large and a small scale basis.


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