Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Program by the University of Arizona at UTC Global Tunisia


An accelerated and highly experiential degree, the Master of Entrepreneurship (MSE) can be completed in just 12 months, putting students on a fast track to launch new business opportunities within large organizations or start their own enterprises. Students attend courses alongside other experienced, like-minded professionals who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. The MSE content is laser‐focused on specific career‐building outcomes and skill sets. When students complete the MSE, they will have a depth of understanding that can immediately be put to use in the working world.

For active and aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate innovators, the MSE empowers students to develop relationships with classmates and professors through interactive, online opportunities, grow their entrepreneurial skills with self‐paced coursework, and join a thriving, talented community of business and technology professionals. While a master’s degree is not a prerequisite for entrepreneurial success, the knowledge gained from award‐winning faculty with real startup experience beats the expense and frustration of learning by trial and error.

The MSE faculty have multidisciplinary backgrounds in public health, communication, engineering, and business, allowing students to think critically from several perspectives. The program will help cultivate individual initiative and entrepreneurial thinking. These skills are essential for new venture creation.

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Sample Courses

Wondering about the specific classes you can take in this program? See the course descriptions below

ENTR 506 Principles of Entrepreneurship

Purpose of course is to introduce entrepreneurial principles used in identification and assessment of economically viable business opportunities. Graduate level requirements include engagement in an advanced level of critical classroom dialogue, a feasibility study requiring gathering and assessing background data on a social and/or economic problem  with a potential entrepreneurial solution to the identified problem.

ENTR 523R Customer Focused Entrepreneurship

This class is designed to strengthen your customer management skills and further your understanding of a set of powerful ideas about how to manage customers for superior business performance. You will be exposed to a set of well established and effective strategies to create, deliver and sustain superior customer value, as well as some of the most novel and cutting edge ideas in customer management. At the conclusion of the course, you will have acquired both formal frameworks and fresh ideas about how to acquire and retain customers.

ENTR 554 Leading and Organizing for Innovation

Recent surveys indicate that innovation is at the top of the agenda for  more than three-quarters  of executives; at the same time, nearly as many report failing to meet their own hopes and expectations for their innovation initiatives. This graduate level course will focus in on what is increasingly understood to be a primary reason for the gap between aspirations and outcomes for innovation and entrepreneurship: the leadership and organization of the innovative process. As companies shift their thinking about innovation from being a fundamentally technological or mechanistic endeavor to one that is more organic, creative, and human-centered, so have they shifted their management concerns. Among them: What role does innovation play in overall strategy and where does it fit into strategic plans? What kind of leadership (or leaders) is required to develop an innovative culture? What are the implications for organizational structure and process? Is organizational innovations needed before companies can achieve their innovation objectives? Through readings, cases, exercises, and projects, we will explore these and related questions on the intangible contributors to innovative success for both existing and new firms.


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