UTC Bloomberg Trading Competition 2020

CBS – UTC’s Carthage Business School launches the UTC Bloomberg Trading Competition on March 06, 2020. In order to improve the knowledge and skills of students in the field of finance and specifically, on the Bloomberg platform, UTC decided to put participants in a real situation.

This competition, overseen by two professors from the CBS – Carthage Business School of UTC, Dr. Yosra Ghabri and Dr. Sonia Arsi, aims to teach students how to make investment decisions to form an equity portfolio using the Bloomberg platform.
This challenge will give students the opportunity to manage a fictitious capital of $2 million. They will be required to execute orders to purchase and sell shares listed on various international exchanges, using actual data and corporate reports, in the same way as a financial analyst.
Participants will be required to form teams of 3 to 4 students. Each team will have to build a portfolio and follow it during the time allowed. Students will be evaluated on the strategy adopted, the choice of portfolio components, and the performance achieved.

Competition objectives:

– Develop research and analysis skills
– Improve communication skills and teamwork
– Strengthen your Bloomberg competency
– Stay tuned to the market
– Expand investment strategies

Competition program:

06 March 2020:
– Introduction to the UTC Bloomberg Trading Competition
– Team selection
– Launch of the competition

April 22, 2020:
– Presentation of the work
– Results
– Awards ceremony

Throughout the period between March 06 and April 22, teams will have to continually work on their projects.

This competition is an excellent opportunity for students who want to strengthen both their knowledge and skills in the field of finance and specifically on the Bloomberg platform.
See you on March 06th in the UTC Conference Room!