CEPT Preparation

The test is designed to assess current test-taker skills in the various areas being assessed (i.e.,Speaking, Reading, Writing, as well as vocabulary and grammar knowledge and usage).
CEPT Reading Part at UTC

Reading Section

Test-takers should become familiar with reading longer passages and responding to comprehension questions about them. The following websites may help them with this skill:

Reading (British Council)

Reading strategies

How to Improve Reading Comprehension

CEPT Writing Part at UTC

Writing Section

As the Writing section of the test involves just one (long) task, essay writing, test-takers should be familiar with this form of writing. The following websites may help with this skill:

Essay Writing (Purdue Online Writing Lab)

General Essay Writing Tips

How to Write an Essay

CEPT Vocabulary and Grammar part at UTC


Vocabulary and grammar skills are tested in all parts of the test, and having strong skills in these areas will certainly help improve overall test-taker performance. The following websites may help with these skills:


Grammar (Khan Academy)

English Grammar

CEPT Speaking Part at UTC

Communication Skills

The best way to prepare for this section of the test is to be speaking English with someone as much as possible prior to the interview. If a conversation partner to speak English with is unavailable, the websites below may prove helpful.

Free Practice Exam

Need additional support? Download the University of Arizona CEPT free practice exam.